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What I learned at Summer Art Camp, 2022

I have to admit, I had the best time this summer with all of the little Art Campers. They were ALL so fun and enthusiastic about ART! Youngest was 4, oldest 12. Mostly local but one student came all the way from SASKATCHEWAN!

I ran 4 weeks of camp. 10am - 3pm, Monda-Friday. I know I said it already, but the little artists were so awesome and just loved learning all of the different techniques. They loved lunch time, especially running around in the orchard, eating berries, playing tag and getting wet in the sprinkler. Kids know how to have all the fun!

At the end of the week, they invited their parents, family and friends to come to see their Art Show. It was so cute watching them present all of the things they learned....they really did LISTEN!

Favourite question: Me: Who's the best artist in the world? Them: YOU! Me: ha ha... no, Mother Nature!

We spent hours observing patterns and creations made by Mother Nature.

Highlight: #1Snowbirds flying over at lunchtime. #2 the game Exquisite Corpse ... so much LAUGHTER! #3 weird collages made with animals and people and butterfly wings.

Thanks again to all of the parents who sent their kids!

Beth and Mona Lisa The Frug

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