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Making Memory quilts...

A few weeks ago my cousin sent me all of the curtains that she saved from her childhood home. I have lots of great memories in this place also, my Aunt and Uncle have lived there since September, 1964 and recently they both moved into extended care.

The house has since been destroyed, but the memories that were made there are cherished by my cousins who all grew up in that house.

The curtains were a little worn, some more than others, I wondered what side of the house the yellow ones were on, they were the most faded. I wondered if my cousins chose those fabrics, did my Aunt sew them?

I chose the 'Rag Time' pattern mostly because its easy and I wanted to get the quilts done for my cousin who I feel needed a little extra love. We used to call blanks like these 'woobies' back in the day.

I hope that my cousins feel the love and cherish the memories when they are wrapped up in these.

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