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Art and Sewing Club ... and TIKTOK

These are two of my current favourite groups. Who am I kidding, EVERYTHING is my favourite!

Art Club is Tuesdays after school. Currently 6 students who are working on a piece of art with many layers (each week they learn a new technique and add another layer). This Club runs til November 8th. I will be offering another Art Club on Tuesdays starting January 17th, for 8 weeks.

Sewing Club is so fun! The students are just putting their blocks together now for their quilt. Youngest student is 7! Reminds me of teaching Carlee back in the day, she's a MOM now! I taught her when she was 8.

The sewing students have requested a SEWING SPRING BREAK CAMP...and I plan to deliver! If this is something your child is interested in, please let me know, they will need to have basic sewing machine skills to attend.

Lastly, Tiktok...I have been having so much fun over there! I have 'met' lots of like minded artists, who love to share ideas and inspiration, which is what I'm there for. You can find a link to my Tiktok account on my website, click the link below.

Thanks for reading!

Oh, PS - you can also check out my YouTube account, I try to post videos over there too - the link below will take you there (just click the YouTube logo)

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