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The Quilted Valley...

I spent some time on the miniature art gallery. Previously, I have displayed little works of art. I thought it was time to make a display of miniature quilts I had (thanks Mom).

I was really thrown into 'art making' when I went to help my Mom at her Quilt Shop in 2000. At first, I fought the urge to sew, I think I even said I couldn't do it (40 year old Beth was so wrong). I was encouraged by a group of ladies who used to come to the shop on Monday nights. We fondly referred to them as 'The Monday Night Ladies". They really got me started and helped me choose fabric for my own quilt. A blue and yellow double Irish Chain.

Not long after, I discovered the world of 'art quilting' and found Nancy Crow and my whole world opened up because of her. I am so grateful for the time I spent in Columbus, OH learning her techniques and soaking up her wisdom about life.

At the time my Mom had the Quilt Shop the town of Creston was doing some branding. We were so sure they should call it The Quilted Valley. I even did up some poster boards and presented the idea to town council. We hosted the Creston Valley Quilt Festival for 4 years. My Mom was ready to retire so we sold the property and the dream died.'s still on my Vision Board! I hope one day that they do call Creston The Quilted Valley. If you want to know why, go to the lookout near Arrow Creek Road and look at the view!

I am planning on a project - of course, it's going to be called/inspired by the Quilted Valley.

Stay tuned!

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